New short film, Blame The Victim Wraps

A new short film, titled Blame the Victim has wrapped shooting in Los Angeles. Filming had to be delayed due to changes in casting. It starts Joanna Ferbarche as Macey who physically and emotionaly batters her husband Bishop (played by JT Taylor). It is expected to be submitted to festivals next year.



Many challenges are faced when making a movie: locations, budgeting, casting and more.  For me the big one is writing out a budget.

For me this will be the thing that either makes me or breaks me in pre-production.    The big challenge is that I don’t know for sure how much to budget for the camera department, for props,  for payroll, etc.   I don’t have enough experience in actually paying people for the jobs they do.

Guess what? Most indie film artist don’t.  Not when starting out.  They seek out people willing to donate time, money and or talent in order to get their work made and seen. For the first time, I am endeavoring to to do something different and that means paying actors, my dp, and the rest of the cast and crew.

I got chided for not wanting to do defer payments for my talent by an experienced director.  I’m not taking his advice.  Doing things the same old way have never gotten us any where or furthered the industry farther along.

I am working hard to do my third film differently.  Paying people upfront for their time and talent.  It isn’t evil or horrible for people to work for free.  But I wish more indie film artist would learn how to save-up money to make the film I want.

Imagine, what  I could have done if over the last two years  if every paycheck I put five dollars in a savings account to put towards making my next movie? Now, I am using my financial aid money refund and putting money aside to make the movie I want to make.  I challenge all film makers who wish they could pay their talent to figure out ways