Avenatti Court Documents

Here you can find everything we know about court documents relating to several of Michael Avenatti’s cases.  You can all search thru my Scribd.com profile and look thru related court documents. First, we start with some of the files related to the Nike case. More documents will be added and if you think of a link that we might need to add, you can send that link to ohiofilmcasting@gmail.com with subject Line Avenatti Court Documents.

Nike Court Documents: 

Additional Document: 

Information On Bond And Dates:

California Wire and Other Charges Documents: 

The Original Sealed Complaint Information:

The Official Indictment list of Charges in California:

Contains Information On Bond


California Case Summary:

Arraignment For California Charges

The Unauthorized Bankruptcy Case In  California

Initial Report From Bankruptcy Receiver Alleging improper filing:

Avenatti Bankruptcy: RECEI… by on Scribd

Certificate OF Notice To Appear on May 8th at 10:00 a.m. In California:

Clients Currently Suing Avenatti:

This Lawsuit Filed By Parrish and Fitzgibbons on April, 2nd.

Bahama’s Court Case:

Receiver Is Pushing To Have Avenatti Removed As Council 

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